Age 7-12

WEDNESDAYS 6.15 - 7.00 PM

younger kids aged 7-8

WEDNESDAYS 7.00 - 8.00 PM

kids aged 9+


Our athletic training sessions are led by qualified and experienced coaches who know how to make fitness fun and engaging for kids. Each session lasts for one hour and consists of a warm-up, main activities, and a cool-down.  The goal is to challenge your child's body and mind in different ways, while also teaching them the basics of sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline. 

Disciplines for 7-12

Sprint and Long Runs 

Sprint and Long Run will boost your kids' physical fitness, mental health, academic performance, and social skills. It also enhances children's immune systems and helps prevent illnesses. It increases their brain function and memory, improves their mood and self-esteem.

 Plus, it will make them look cool in front of their friends. What more could you ask for? 

Shot Put, Discus Throw and Turbo Javelin 

Shot Put, Discus Throw and Turbo Javelin are great for kids of all ages, but especially for those between 7 and 12 years old. They will help them develop their muscles, bones and joints, as well as their balance, posture and flexibility. 

These are not your ordinary sports. They are ancient and noble disciplines that test the strength, speed and coordination of the athletes. They are also super fun and easy to learn.

Don't worry about safety. These sports are supervised by qualified coaches who will teach your kids the proper techniques and rules. 

Long Jump and High Jump

Long jump and high jump are two of the most exciting and rewarding sports for kids. They help develop strength, speed, agility, coordination, and confidence. Your kids will love learning how to run fast, jump high, and land safely. Plus, they are super fun to watch and cheer for! 


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