The visit of Olivia Scully Hahne at Shannon AC Track

Our last Wednesday session, on April 17th was special to us, as we have a great visitor: Olivia Scully Hahne - RDO Athletics Ireland. Olivia was participating in our training and  gave us a special High Jump learning session during our older kids time.  


This is was Oliva wrote on the official Mid West/South Athletics Development Facebook page: 


It was extremely enjoyable to meet the recently resurrected Shannon Athletic Club and to see first hand the fantastic community spirit that is evolving from the generous contributions of so many within the community from volunteers to fundraisers. The positioning of their current facility is ideal and is the perfect stepping stone to realise their vision of an international standard 400m track which would marry well with Shannon Airport right on their doorstep. We can all benefit from and cheer the successes of each club in our Athletics community. On a side note it was also great to see so many technical field events being coached and catered for at their training session. Wishing everyone in Shannon AC an enjoyable and bright future ahead."