Athletic debut of our members!

Sunday, April 7th was a true milestone for our four young athletes.  Kaya & Kaya, Sean and Jess proudly represented our Club during the event at the track on Lees Road, Ennis. 


Celebrating the legacy of Matt O'Connor, the memorial event hosted by Marian Athletics Club was a showcase of youthful vigour and sportsmanship. Kaya W. & Kaya R., along with Sean, blazed through the 100- and 80-meters sprints. The girls then embraced the challenge of the 600m race. Not to be outdone, Jess sprinted with gusto in the 100m event.


The joy and commitment our sportspeople are a true inspiration. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Shannon Athletics Club's young talents, as they continue to share their passion with the community. Here's to the bright future ahead for these young champions!